What is My Years at Cal?

My Years at Cal offers you guidance on how to get the most out of your Berkeley experience and shows you how to stay on track.

This year-by-year framework provides strategies for success, links to valuable campus resources, and most of all, advice from current students.

Your FYE

The "First Year Experience" (or FYE) is a critical time for new freshmen and transfer students. Getting off to a good start will significantly enhance your academic success and campus involvement throughout your time at Cal. So new student, go forth and click:

» Frosh
» Transfer student
» First generation

After your first year

Keep the ball rolling!

» Sophomore
» Junior
» Senior

Poll Rotation

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TV Family: What's the biggest change in how you relate to your family? (Spring 2012, 4:41)

TV Firstgen: Best resources for firstgen students (Spring 2012, 3:55)

TV Firstgen: Firstgen students reflect on family changes. (Spring 2012, 4:59)

TV Fitness: How do you stay fit? (Spring 2013, 3:21)

TV Friends: How have you found your closest friends? (Spring 2012, 4:04)

TV Frosh: Best resources for frosh (Spring 2012, 3:03)

TV Fun: What have you done at Berkeley that you've never done before? (Spring 2012, 4:34)

TV Fun: What's something fun you've done in the Bay Area? (Spring 2012, 3:58)

TV Getting Involved: How are you delving deeper into something you've been involved with? (Spring 2013, 3:13)

TV Graduation: Do you have any tips on preparing for graduation? (Spring 2013, 1:30)

TV Health: What do you do to stay healthy? (Spring 2012, 3:00)

TV Help: Who do you turn to for help? (Spring 2012, 3:43)

TV Homesickness: Do you get homesick? What helps? (Spring 2012, 3:48)

TV Jobs: Do you work, and what kind of job do you have? (Spring 2012, 3:32)

TV Jobs: What career or graduate school services have you used? (Spring 2013, 1:53)

TV Juniors: Best resources for juniors (Spring 2012, 3:00)

TV Leadership: Have you taken a leadership role at Berkeley? (Spring 2013, 4:09)

TV Legacy: How have you left your mark at Cal? (Spring 2012, 2:42)

TV Legacy: What legacy will you leave at Berkeley? (Spring 2013, 2:45)

TV Majors: Double majors, the pros and cons. (Spring 2012, 9:33)

TV Majors: How have you gotten involved in your major or field of study? (Spring 2013, 3:07)

TV Majors: What's your major, and why did you choose it? (Spring 2012, 5:18)

TV Majors: What helped you figure out what you wanted to major in? (Spring 2012, 4:58)

TV Managing Time: What's your best time management strategy? (Fall 2011, 2:32)

TV Mentors: Who's your mentor, and how does he/she help you? (Spring 2012, 3:26)

TV Network: Have you made any connections with faculty? (Spring 2012, 3:50)

TV Network: Who's in your network? (Spring 2013, 3:06)

TV Office hours: What do you talk about during office hours? (Spring 2012, 3:27)

TV Post-graduation: Are you planning on going to grad school? (Spring 2013, 4:12)

TV Post-graduation: What are you doing after graduation? (Spring 2012, 2:10)

TV Research: What kind of research are you involved with? (Spring 2012, 8:05)

TV Risks: What has been your biggest academic risk? (Spring 2012, 2:06)

TV Seniors: Best resources for seniors (Spring 2012, 2:07)

TV Sophomores: Best resources for sophomores (Spring 2012, 2:11)

TV Studying: Do you prefer to study in groups or alone? (Spring 2013, 3:18)

TV Transfers: Best resources for junior transfer students (Spring 2012, 3:43)

TV Writing: What's your secret to writing a good paper? (Spring 2013, 2:09)

TV Advice: What's your advice for new undergraduates? (Spring 2011, 1:44)

TV Classes: How do you find good classes to take? (Spring 2012, 3:47)

TV Classes: What has been your favorite small class at Berkeley? (Spring 2012, 2:23)

TV Explore: What's been your best experience at Berkeley? (Spring 2012, 2:59)

TV Counseling: Which counseling services have helped you the most? (Spring 2013, 2:25)

TV Don't miss it: What's on your Berkeley Bucket List? (#BerkeleyBucketList) (Spring 2013, 2:41)

TV Explore: What campus cultural offerings have you taken advantage of? (Spring 2012, 3:53)

TV Explore: What's something new you've tried at Cal? (Spring 2012, 4:15)

TV Explore: What's your favorite spot on campus? (Spring 2013, 3:10)

TV Extracurricular: Have you participated in any extracurricular activities related to your major or future career? (Spring 2013, 3:30)

TV Extracurricular: What are you involved in outside of the classroom? (Spring 2012, 4:31)

TV Extracurricular: What is your favorite cultural activity at Cal? (Spring 2012, 3:31)